Why Belarus?

A cozy country in the center of Europe

Belarus is located in the east of Europe. It borders with Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Lithuania and Latvia.
The population of Belarus is 9.5 million people, 2 million of whom live in Minsk, the capital. According to research by Numbeo, among the list of 378 most dangerous cities, Minsk ranked 351st and was the safest city in the Commonwealth of Independent States. According to statistics, Belarus itself is one of the safest countries in the world.
Sometimes our country is called the “Lungs of Europe” because large area of ​​Belarus is occupied by forests, rivers and lakes. Tourists go to admire the virgin forest ‘Belovezhskaya’. It is the largest and the most ancient forest in Europe, where nature is wild and virgin, and there are more than two thousand giant trees, which are 500 years old each. It is so huge that a certain part of it is located in Poland. By the way, it was here, among the virgin nature, that an agreement on disintegration of the Soviet Union was signed.

Some details about Belarus

the most widespread religion is orthodoxy
they have their own Belarusian language
hihgly developed agriculture. Delicious dairy products
ranks 8th in literacy of population
there are 5 Nobel Laureates in Belarus. In 2015, the Nobel Prize in literature was granted to Svetlana Aleksiyevich
Belarus is the “Silicon Valley” of Eastern Europe. A programmer is the most popular profession here
Belarus is a sports country. For such a small country, the achievements in this area are quite impressive

Affordable higher education

Tuition in Belarus varies from $ 2,000 to $ 5,600 per year. We have identified several of the most popular destinations that are in high demand among foreign applicants.
Medicine, IT, technology and agricultural specializations are among them.
Therefore, to get the prestigious specialty of an engineer in info-communications at the Belarusian State Academy of Communications, will cost $ 1200 per year, and mastering the profession of economist-manager can be for only $ 850 per year.
Becoming a dentist will cost - $ 4500 per year (in Russian), $ 5600 per year (in English). Specialists in the field of information technology are trained, paying a payment of $ 2500 per year (in Russian), $ 5000 per year (in English). Those who want to become a technician, engineer or agronomist will be required to pay tuition fee of $ 2,650 per year (in Russian), $ 4,000 per year (in English). The cost of obtaining a master's and Ph.D. (Phd) degrees are much lower. Tuition fees depend on the specific profiles.